110845     RDIR/SQMAP/OVRLAY & Utilities  Version: December 1987
Submitted by: H. Reints, AKZO PHARMA NED. B.V., Dept. SDA UC-232, 5340
BH OSS, Netherlands
Operating System: RT-11 V5.4, TSX-PLUS V6.2  Source Language: FORTRAN
IV, MACRO-11  Memory Required: 28KW  Software Required: FORTRAN IV
compiler, MACRO-11  Keywords: Utilities - RT-11
Abstract: OVRLAY is the long desired generator of good and consistent
compact RT-11 overlay structures.  It reads the object files
and then provides detailed structure information, such as an
object file cref. and tree structure, a listing of overlay
restrictions, and it provides two different algorithms to
generate overlay structures.
RDIR is a program that generates ASCII formatted dumps of
the directory segments of an RT-11 volume.  This can be very
useful to search through directory segments after a crash.
It is much easier than DUMP, because of the formatted
output.  RDIR performs several directory operations such as
creating or deleting directory segments without initializing
the volume, skipping a corrupted segment, undeleting a named
file, patching a directory segment, splitting/ merging
files, and many other options.
SQMAP is a program to squeeze load maps of overlaid FORTRAN
programs into a readable format removing all globals with
dollars or periods, leaving only your own subroutine names
and the segment sizes.  It also produces a one page plot of
the overlaid memory usage and an optional cref.  SQMAP is
very useful in combination with OVRLAY.
Other utilities included:
.  CALCUL	VT100 calculator program.
.  CLOCK	Real-time VT100-clock program.
.  DISASM	SAV file disassembler.
.  GONLIB	Goniometric library, used by CALCUL.
.  HRLIB	General purpose library, used by many of the
.  HRMAC	Useful macro library.
.  INCLUD	FORTRAN-IV pre-processor to update COMMON
.  SEARCH	Keyword search utility.
.  UCL		User Command Language for RT-11 V5 or later.
Changes and Improvements: Improved functionality  of RDIR new utility:
OVRLAY, to generate RT-11
overlay structures.
Assoc. Documentation: RT-11 Documentation Kit
Media (Service Charge Code): Two RX50 Diskettes (JB)  Format: RT-11

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