110856     DUCM/DYC  Version: V2b, December 1986
Submitted by: Chester Wilson, Charleville, Australia 4470
Operating System: RT-11 V5.2, TSX-PLUS V6.01  Source Language:
MACRO-11  Hardware Required: MSCP controller for disk; for DY handler,
RX03 controller (either SIGMA or DILOG).  Keywords: Device Handlers
Abstract: This is a distribution of large disk handlers for DU (MSCP)
disks.  Full source and documentation is included.  These
have been tested and work fine on Fujitsu Eagles running
TSX-PLUS Version 6.01.
A mapped RX03 floppy disk handler is included as well, if
you want it.  It requires a SIGMA or DILOG RX03 controller.
If run as a program, it allows you to format disks,
requiring no privileges under TSX-PLUS.
There are four files on this disk:  the abstract
(ABSTRA.CT), the file (READ.ME) and two logical disk files
DUCM.DSK and DYC.DSK.  These contain the distributions for
the large MSCP handlers and for the mapped DY handler
Please read DUCM.DOC to find out what to do.  It consists
of three manuals, a basic one and the full ones for DUCM and
WA.  You do not have to read the full ones to be able to use
these handlers.
DUCM.DIS and DYC.DIS give a sort of overview of the contents
of each of the logical disks (on DUCM.DSK and DYC.DSK
respectively).  They are the command files used to create
this distribution.
This version has fixed an occasional data corruption problem
which occurred rarely on heavily loaded and heavily swapping
systems.  (This problem occurred with the version of DUCM in
the 1986 Australian SIG Tape.)  Enhancements have been made
to previous versions, especially in terms of setting up a
handler for a particular system from another system.
PROBLEM:  TSX can do all sorts of odd things (like crash
jobs with "Kernel Mode Trap in TSX", or lose a queue
element) if you use the SET CACHE command while there are
active jobs.  This appears to be a TSX bug.  Reserve this
instruction for times when the system is quiet!
Changes and Improvements: Bug fix, considerable enhancements for
setting up.
Restrictions: Extensions for large MSCP disks require TSX-PLUS & a
Q-bus system.
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX02 Diskette (LA)  Format: RT-11,
600' Magnetic Tape (MC)  Format: RT-11

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