110864     CLNDRS: A Calendar Program  Version: V1.0, December 1986
Submitted by:  V. Johnson & R. Elliott, City of Dania, Dania, FL
Operating System: Micro/RSTS, RSTS/E, RSX  Source Language:
BASIC-PLUS, BASIC-PLUS-2  Memory Required: 7KW (BASIC-PLUS), 14 TO
21KW (BASIC-PLUS-2)  Software Required: BASIC-PLUS or BASIC-PLUS-2
Keywords: Calendars
Abstract: CLNDRS is a program to produce monthly calendars for any
month of any year from 1752 to 2099.  This is a re-write of
'BIGCAL' (DECUS No. 110623) originally written in FORTRAN by
Steve Kass.  CLNDRS will produce calendars 40 to 132 columns
wide and 40 to 60 rows long.  A function for a title or name
has been added and the default can be changed in the program
with any editor.  This version has been written with VT100
screen controls, but can be modified to run on any Digital
Equipment Corporation terminal.  Calendars may be output to
the screen or to a file for later submission to a printer.
If output to a file, the headings will contain escape codes
to print double wide but can be changed or edited out for
printing on printers other than Digital Equipment
Corporation's 'LA' dot matrix types.
Included are the .BAS and .B2S source files as well as .BAC
and .TSK executables.  The source files are well documented
and should be easy to follow and modify if necessary.
Restrictions: Runs on RSTS/E V7.0 thru V9.2.
Media (Service Charge Code): 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: DOS-11

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