110871     IAS KERMIT  Version: April 1987
Submitted by: Frank R. Borger, Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, IL
Operating System: IAS V3.1, V3.2  Source Language: MACRO-11  Keywords:
Abstract: IAS KERMIT is Brian Nelson's RSX-11 KERMIT. There are three
notable changes made to bring this version up under IAS.
. Bruce C. Wright made the necessary changes to use
  version 1.8 RMS11 file I/O.  As such, it cannot do xxx*.*
  type wildcards but it can do *.*. This will be the case
  until IAS supports version 2 of RMS.
. Due to the lack of a get size of readahead qio request
  under IAS, the E P A connect code did one qio per character
  reads.  This produced an intolerable burden on the system,
  and limited operation to 300 baud.  Changes to the connect
  code done at Michael Reese used reads with subsequent mark
  times followed by a kill io, (which returned the partial
  read.) This allowed operation nicely at 1200 baud, (but has
  not been tested above that speed.)
. The current IAS version is a couple of tapes behind
  Brian's RSX-11 version.  We will make every attempt to prepare
  a version that is only 1 tape behind Brian's work for subsequent
  DECUS tapes.
Notes: Operating system IAS V3.1 or higher is required.
Restrictions: TTY Handler may have to be rebuilt.
Media (Service Charge Code): 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: BRU

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