110874     DECUS "C" Compiler Changes  Version: 1.0, April 1987
Author: James Conroy, Unisys Corp, St. Paul, MN  55164
Operating System: RSX-11M-PLUS V2.1  Source Language: C, MACRO-11
Software Required: DECUS No.'s 11S018, 11S090, and 11S092.
Abstract: The new "C" compiler, assembler and runtime libraries
support I and D space.  It was built from the DECUS Fall'85
RSX SIG tape (11S090).  Added to it were the Australian
submissions for split I and D space from the Spring '86
(11S092).  The Australian changes can be found in UICs
[272,34], [272,35], and [272,37] on that tape.  Only the
changes for I and D space were used.  The double-precision
arithmetic changes were not included.  The merging of these
two tapes has resulted in the use of these UICs:
. [5,4]       compiler and assembler modules.
. [5,15] and [5,16]  C.OLB library routines.
. [5,24]      CX.OLB library routines.
The resultant compiling system did not work well and we were
forced to modify several programs.  Specific changes to each
program are listed in the edit history at the beginning of
the program.
Notes: Modifications to use split I & D space.
Documentation may or may not be on magnetic media.
Media (Service Charge Code): 2400' Magnetic Tape (PA)  Format: BRU

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