110876     RSTS/E 3271 Protocol Emulator  Version: 2.1, May 1987
Submitted by: Digital Equipment Corporation
Operating System: RSTS/E version 8.0  Memory Required: 4K Bytes
Hardware Required: DUP11-DA, KMC11-A  Keywords: Emulators
Abstract: The RSTS/E 3271 Protocol Emulator permits application
programs written in BASIC-PLUS, BASIC-PLUS 2, COBOL, or
DIBOL running under the RSTS/E Operating System to
communicate interactively with user jobs running on an IBM
370 or 303x host system.  The IBM application program can
run with IMS/VS, CICS/VS, or TSO.  The package makes it
possible to implement applications performing remote,
on-line access to IBM Data Bases for data entry, retrieval,
and update, or file transfer.
The RSTS/E 3271 Protocol Emulator is a communications
product only.  It does not perform IBM 3277 video display
emulation nor does it respond to the SENSE, COPY, and READ
BUFFER commands.
The communications discipline used by the RSTS/E 3271
Protocol Emulator is the 3271 subset of IBM's Binary
Synchronous Communications (BSC) protocol that uses EBCDIC
code.  Specifically, this subset of BSC supports operation
of full- and half-duplex leased lines, in either
point-to-point or multipoint configurations, at transmission
speeds up to 9600 bits per second.  The RSTS/E 3271 Protocol
Emulator does not support switched facilities, contention
line control, or transparent BSC capability.  It can share a
multipoint line with control units functioning in
nontransparent mode only.
Release notes are distributed with each order.
Restrictions: Will not run on PDP-11/23 or MicroPDP-11.  Requires
RSTS/E Version 8 or later.
Documentation available in hardcopy only. Sources not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EC), 600' Magnetic Tape
(MA)  Format: DOS-11

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