110877     RSTS/E HPE 2780/3780  Version: 1.1 May 1987
Submitted by: Digital Equipment Corporation
Operating System: RSTS/E Version 8.0 or later  Memory Required: 4K
Bytes  Hardware Required: UNIBUS based RSTS/E configuration with RMS
support with DUP11-DA and KMC11-A  Keywords: Emulators
Abstract: The RSTS/E High Performance 2780/3780 Emulator runs as a
user job on a suitably configured RSTS/E Operating System
while emulating the communications protocol of an IBM
2780/3780 device.  The RSTS/E High Performance 2780/3780
Emulator uses a KMC-11 Microprocessor to handle modem and
line control, as well as BSC protocol.  By using a
microprocessor to perform these functions, the CPU load
required to do protocol emulation is reduced.
The RSTS/E High Performance 2780/3780 Emulator appears as an
IBM 2780 or 3780 data transmission terminal, in EBCDIC mode,
on a point-to-point switched or nonswitched synchronous data
link operating with standard 2780/3780 protocol.  Received
data blocks can be up to the maximum buffer size, which is
400 characters for 2780 and 512 characters for 3780.
The RSTS/E High Performance 2780/3780 Emulator can transmit
and receive data and/or job control files with an IBM
System/370 (including 303x processor systems) running
Power/VS, HASP, ASP, JES1, JES2, OR JES3.  The RSTS/E High
Performance 2780/3780 Emulator operates at transmission
speeds up to 9600 bits per second.  Switched, leased, or
private circuits using Bell System 201, 208, 209, or 212
modems or equivalents are supported.
Release notes are distributed with each order.
Restrictions: Will not run on PDP-11/23 or MicroPDP-11.  Requires
RSTS/E Version 8.0 or
Documentation available in hardcopy only. Sources not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EC), 600' Magnetic Tape
(MA)  Format: DOS-11

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