110878     RT-11 2780/3780 Protocol Emulator  Version: 4.1, May 1987
Submitted by: Digital Equipment Corporation
Operating System: RT-11  Memory Required: 32K Bytes  Software
Required: RT-11 with FB or XM Monitor.  Hardware Required: One of the
following - DU11 or DUP11 for PDP-11, DUV11 or DPV11 for LSI, SCI for
PDT-11/130 or PDT-11/150  Keywords: Data Communications, Emulators
Abstract: The RT-11 2780/3780 Protocol Emulator (PE) provides
communications capabilities similar to IBM 2780 and 3780
remote batch terminals.
The emulator runs under the RT-11 Foreground/Background (FB)
or Extended Memory (XM) monitor as either a foreground or
background job.  The emulator accepts commands interactively
or from indirect command files.  Commands are provided for
operation in unattended environments.  The emulator supports
operation of a single full- or half-duplex synchronous
point-to-point line at transmission speeds up to 9600 bits
per second on an otherwise idle system (maximum line speed
on PDT-11 is 4800 bits per second).  Support for automatic
answer to incoming calls is also available for use with
those modems that provide this capability.
The communications discipline implemented by the RT-11
2780/3780 PE is a subset of IBM's Binary Synchronous
Communications (BSC) protocol that uses the EBCDIC
transmission code.  Horizontal format control records can be
received and processed.  A subset of vertical format control
escape sequences is supported, specifically single, double,
and triple space, form feed, and space suppress.  Any block
addressable storage device supported by RT-11 can be used as
a source of transmission files.  Both fixed length (80
character card image) and variable length transmitted as
either EBCDIC (automatically translated from ASCII) or
binary data (no translation).  BSC control characters are
automatically added to the data before transmission and
stripped upon reception.  Any block addressable storage
device or line printer supported by RT-11 can be used to
receive files.
The following 2780/3780 remote batch terminal features are
.  2780 multiple record transmission option
.  Transparent mode
.  3780 space compression
.  Variable horizontal forms control
.  Print and punch component selection on receive
Documentation available in hardcopy only. Sources not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EC), Two RX01 Diskettes
(KB)  Format: RT-11, 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: RT-11

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