110880     Multiprocessor RT-11  Version: 5.0
Submitted by: H.T.M. Haenen, University Hospital
Operating System: RT-11 V4.0, RT-11 V5.1 - V5.4  Memory Required:
Minimum 1.2K  Hardware Required: DR-11C/DRV-11 or WB-11/WBV-11 or
Qnector.  Keywords: Data Communications, Networking
Abstract: The software links single RT-11 systems together in order to
form a network.  Network shapes like star, chain, ring and
mixed may be easily realized.  The data communication is
fast because a low overhead protocol is used combined with
fast hardware (several interface implementations exist,
including DMA).  The single RT-11 systems run a standard,
unmodified RT-11 monitor and may be memory-only as they can
boot from a remote disk.  Remote devices such as disks,
lineprinters, and special directory devices like magtape can
be used in a fully transparent way and they appear to the
user as if they were local.  Systems may read/write to each
others memory for parallel processing.  The software is very
modular, small and all is realized within handlers (0.6 KW.),
system/foreground jobs (1.5 KW.) and some background
utilities for accounting, error reporting and
displaying/changing read/write protection of device units.
Restrictions: RT-11 V5.1 or later is required to use full features of
the program.  Program
handlers must be built from sources.  Probably requires
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX02 Diskette (LA)  Format: RT-11,
600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: RT-11

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Created: December 26, 1998