110903     Queueing/Routing  Version: May 1988
Author: Earl Lakia, Dave Lueck
Submitted by: Neal Schmidt, Inland Steel, E. Chicago, IN
Operating System: RSX-11M-PLUS V3  Source Language: MACRO-32, VAX
FORTRAN  Memory Required: 6KW  Software Required: DECnet for Routing
Keywords: Data Communications, Device Handlers
Abstract: This package contains the RSX-11M-PLUS version of the
"Manufacturing Automation Queueing and Routing" software.
The RSX router performs the following functions:
.  Guaranteed delivery of messages removed from
   the host RSX Queue and transmitted to a remote
   DECnet node which supports the MA_ROUTER PROTOCOL.
.  Guaranteed reception and queueing of messages
   received from a remote DECnet node which supports
   the MA_ROUTER protocol.
.  Automatic link reestablishment.
.  Multiple links by a single router.
The following RSX tasks support message queueing on an RSX
ZQDRV	This is a pseudo device driver that provides
	the interface between the application tasks
	and the ACP that performs all queueing functions.
	The applications simply issue queueing requests
	(write to Queue, read from Queue, etc.) to ZQO:
	via the QIO directive and wait for the requests
	to be processed by the ACP.
QUEACP	This is the queueing ACP that processes all valid
	Queue requests received from the application tasks
	via the ZQ driver.  This is the only task that
	accesses the Queue (file MAQUEUE.DAT).
QMT	This task maintains the Queue (file MAQUEUE.DAT)
	and the message IDS (file QUEUEIDS.DAT).
TSTACP	This task can be used to test all queueing functions
	available through the ZQ drive and the ACP.
The following RSX tasks support message routing on an RSX
RTRRSX	This task is responsible for sending messages to
	another node supporting either the RSX router (this
	task) or the VMS router (Process MA_ROUTER).  It is
	also responsible for receiving any messages sent
	from another node.  All communication with another
	node is provided by the standard DECnet RSX system
	directives.  All routing information is stored in a
	routing database.  This database is an installed
	common region named RTRDBS.
FNDSRV	This task translates a logical node name into an
	actual node name.  The task is requested to run
	by the routing task RTRRSX whenever the node the
	router is attempting to connect to is flagged as
	a logical node.  It will supply the routing
	task with the actual name of the node so that
	the routing task will be able to make a connection.
NRBDMP	This task displays information contained in the
	routing database.  It will display which nodes
	are currently connected to the routing task RTRRSX
	(i.e. logical links established with routers on
	remote nodes) and which message IDS are destined
	to the remote nodes.
Notes: Order DECUS No. VAX-340 for the VAX/VMS version.
Media (Service Charge Code): 600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: BRU

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