110905     EXTCMD: IND Control File  Version: 1, May 1988
Submitted by: R.W. Barnard, BIO/Comp Applications, Albuquerque, NM
Operating System: RT-11 V5.4  Source Language: IND  Software Required:
EtherExchangE (product of Omnex Corporation).  Hardware Required:
DEQNA, DELQA, etc.  Keywords: Data Communications, Networking
Abstract: ETXCMD.IND is a specialized version of the IND control files
CMD.IND and CSICMD.IND to permit "wild-card" transfers of
files using the EthereXchangE Ethernet file transfer product
of Omnex Corporation.  Information on CMD and CSICMD may be
found in the file CMDIND.DOC.
The EthereXchangE control-node program ETHERX.SAV may be run
from an RT-11 or TSX-PLUS command file.  This command file can
contain the files to be transferred to the server node from
the control node.  ETXCMD will construct such a command file
on the control node.  ETXCMD allows you to issue a single
command on the control node to transfer all files which can
be described by an RT-11 DIRECTORY command (including
DIRECTORY switches).
Restrictions: If your network consists of RT-11 control node(s) and a
VMS server node, then
ETXCMD, Version 1, can only send files from a control node to the
server node.
If your server node is a TSX-PLUS system, EXTCMD can be modified to
work in the
opposite direction (i.e., sending files from the server to the control
The files CSICM.IND and CMDIND.DOC discuss the logic necessary to make
work.  ETXCMD.IND will not work under VAX/VMS.  At the present time,
cannot select files on the server node for transfer to the control
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX50 Diskette (JA)  Format: RT-11

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