110912     Envoy Access Program  Version:  1.0
Author: Mark Greer, Manitoba Telephone System, Winnipeg, Manitoba,
Canada R3C 3V6
Submitted by: Roger Mireault, Manitoba Telephone System, Winnipeg,
Manitoba, Canada  R3C 3V6
Operating System: RSX-11M-PLUS  Source Language: MACRO-11  Memory
Required: 8.2KW  Software Required: PSI  Hardware Required: Datapac
Access (X.25 access)  Keywords: Data Communications, Editors
Abstract: The ENVOY access program allows users of a PDP-11 running
RSX-11M/PLUS to access ENVOY from a VT100 terminal.  Along
with the normal functions of ENVOY it also allows users to
upload and/or download messages to/from local files.  This
allows users to compose messages with the local editor (EDT)
and also store important ENVOY messages locally for quick
reference.  Thus it eliminates the need for users to learn
and use ENVOY's somewhat primitive and awkward editor.  One
more advantage is that the communication speed is 9600 baud
as opposed to 1200 baud used by dial ups (this may also be
limited by the speed of the line to your terminal of
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EA), 600' Magnetic Tape
(MA)  Format: BRU

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