110939     TCP/IP Package for TSX-PLUS  Version: August 1992
Submitted by: Alan Baldwin, Kent State University, Kent, OH
Operating System: RT-11 V5.3, TSX-PLUS V6.4  Source Language: C,
MACRO-11  Memory Required: 512KB  Software Required: None  Hardware
Required: DEQNA Ethernet controller  Keywords: Networking
Abstract: The TCP/IP Package for TSX-PLUS provides TCP/IP networking
services for multiple users with TSX-PLUS. The package
provides client/server programs for TELNET, FTP, and MAIL.
A security system allows usernames/passwords and
authorizations for each client/server component to be
specified for each user.
The current implementation uses eight global regions to support
multiple client/server programs simultaneously. The number
of regions used by each service is TELNET(1), FTP(2), and
The sources for the TCP/IP Package for TSX-PLUS include
header, command, C language, and macro files. Included is
an executable version of the DECUS C compiler and assembler,
assorted header files, and the DECUS C library files which
may be used to rebuild the package.
Notes: Executable and/or object code is included.
Restrictions: TSX-PLUS V6.3 or later is required, system EMT to kill
Media (Service Charge Code): Five RX02 Diskettes (LE)  Format: RT-11,
600' Magnetic Tape (MA)  Format: RT-11

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