11S006     DDT22/SYSAID Package  Version: V5, May 1985
Submitted by: Glenn C. Everhart, Ph.D.
Operating System: IAS, P/OS, RSX-11D, RSX-11M, RSX-11M-PLUS, VAX/VMS
Source Language: FORTRAN IV-PLUS, MACRO-11  Keywords: Debugging,
Floating Point Routines, System Management - RSX-11
Abstract: A debugging and PDP-11 system package (mainly RSX-11
oriented) is provided.  A symbolic debugger, two operating
systems-11, and several utilities are included.  They run on
PDP-11/03 through PDP-11/70 (possibly VAX also).
DDT22 is a symbolic debugger with PDP-10-like commands.  It
can run on any PDP-11 or DECsystem and handle all
languages.  It gives a large superset of ODT commands
including instruction display, floating point, long integers,
watchpoints, and NAMED addresses: can read symbol table files
or debug disk images in RSX-11.  DDT22 can be built totally
nonpriviledged and debug tasks from a separate task in
RSX11M/M-PLUS (and probably VMS), requiring 200 words or so
of task space.  Versions able to examine arbitrary memory can
be built also by a powerful DDT built command file.
DDTSYM		A mod of the Digital Equipment Corporation flavor
		of DDT, allowing 22 bit space access but no other extras.
		GHASP is a generalized FORTRAN histogrammer/scatterplot maker.
		FPEM is a floating point emulator for 11M/11S (11M-PLUS?)
		systems that need no sysgen.  When run (in its own partition
		fixed), it makes the PDP-11 appear to have a floating point
		processor a la 11/45 except no F.P. traps.  RSX must not
		know about it and F4P must be built with F4PEIS in its OTS
		to use, and tasks need /FP switch.  It has been used for
		years and currently has no problems.
VDDRV 		Gives virtual, optionally encrypted disks for
		IAS/RSX-11D systems for all functions except task load.  This
		permits use of secure databases by unmodified software, space
		management, handling foreign disks on part of a volume, etc.
		NPUT and NGET are used to move fields of "n" bits from
		any bit address to any other bit address.  DSKFIX is my handy
		old disk patcher (DDT is better at it!). DISOWN renames all
		tasks at the terminal and gives them to CO, allowing other
		copies to be run or users to log off.  If the line that
		changes UCB is removed, DSO justs renames tasks (fine under
		M/M-PLUS).  BCONEW is the locked file recoverer (still only
		single header).
BSX 		A simple, tiny realtime exec for standalone use (or
		under RSX-11M) and MSX is a distributed exec for multiple
		PDP-11s (with some security kernel code).  Both assume memory
		management and both run standalone, no Digital Equipment
		Corporation software included. One develops tasks within
		BSX or MSX emulating themselves under RSX-11 or IAS,
		then moves them to standalone systems. Use these if you
		can't afford RSX-11S licenses.
Changes and Improvements: DDT now has a "backtrace" mode allowing one
to find out how a program got
to any address without manual single stepping.
Media (Service Charge Code): 600' Magnetic Tape (MC)  Format: DOS-11,

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