11S007       Symposium Tape from the PASCAL SIG, Fall 1979, San Diego
Version: Fall 1979
Submitted by: Bill Heidebrecht, TRW Systems, Redondo Beach, CA
Operating System: IAS, LSI-11 and also See Notes, RSTS/E, RSX-11D,
RSX-11M, RT-11, VAX/VMS  Source Language: MACRO-11, PASCAL  Memory
Required: 28K-32K words  Keywords: Compilers, PASCAL, Symposia Tapes -
Structured Languages
Abstract: The Pascal SIG Symposium Tape represents the SIG's
current collection of Pascal compilers, utility programs
and functions. It includes a new version of Seved
Torstendahl's "Swedish" Pascal (V6) for RSX and IAS,
and another version (V5.3) which can compile itself on a
PDP-11. Also included are versions of NBS Pascal for
RSX, IAS, RSTS and RT-11. The current version (V1.6C)
includes a number of bug fixes and improved
documentation over previous versions. The RT-11 version
of NBS Pascal assumes the FIS instruction set and RT-11
V3, and can compile itself on a 28K word LSI-11. Both
NBS and "Swedish" Pascal are written in Pascal, and
both compilers generate PDP-11 object code. Utilities
include a character string function package written in
Pascal, cross reference programs, source file
maintenance programs, various operating system interface
procedures, and a cross assembler and linker for the
Intel 8086 written in Pascal.
No guarantees are made as to the completeness,
usability, or quality of the programs on the tape. The
material has not been checked or reviewed.
Notes: All sources and complete documentation are provided on
the tape.
Compilers-compatibility mode; utilities-native or compatibility.
Media (Service Charge Code): Write-Up (AA), 2400' Magnetic Tape (PS)
Format: DOS-11

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