11S016       Symposium Tape from the PASCAL SIG, Spring 1980, Chicago
Version: Spring 1980
Author: Various
Submitted by: Bill Heidebrecht, TRW Defense and Space Systems Group,
Redondo Beach, CA
Operating System: Various  Source Language: PASCAL  Keywords: PASCAL,
Symposia Tapes - Structured Languages
Abstract: The following is a very brief description of the
programs to be found on this tape:
[56,1] 		PASCAL.TXT/PASCAL.RNO (catalog abstract file).
[56,2] 		Documentation for NBS PASCAL (V1.6e).
[56,3] 		Latest NBS PASCAL (V1.6e) for RSX11, for use on
		machines with fp11 hardware.
[56,4] 		Brian Nelson's implementation of NBS PASCAL
		(V1.6e) for RSTS.
[56,5] 		Floating point interpreter for NBS PASCAL under
		RSX11, submitted by Steve Williams.
[56,6] 		NBS PASCAL (V1.6e) for RT11, for use on machines
		with fis hardware. Adapted to RT11 and fis by John
[56,7] 		Various PASCAL utilities, submitted by John Barr
		and Bill Heidebrecht.
[56,10] 	Utilities, submitted by John Collins.
[56,11] 	Interpreter for NBS PASCAL, submitted by
		K. S. Bhaskar. Demonstrates NBS PASCAL intermediated
[56,12] 	Include preprocessor and external procedures for
		use with NBS PASCAL under RSX-11M, submitted by Hugh
[56,13] 	ODLGEN.PAS, a program which aids construction of
		overlay programs with NBS PASCAL, submitted by Stephen
[56,14] 	RMS interface to PASCAL for RSX11, submitted by
		Tom Brentlinger.
[56,15] 	PASRUF.PAS, a RUNOFF subset written PASCAL, submitted
		by Michelle Feraud.
[56,16] 	SWS, a package for parsing character strings and
		setting switches. For use with DEC-10 PASCAL, FORTRAN
		and COBOL, submitted by Robert P. Nix.
[56,17] 	String.pas, a set of functions which implement
		strings in standard PASCAL. Also contains Whetstone,
		quicksort and matrix inversion benchmarks for PASCAL,
		BASIC and FORTRAN, submitted by Oregon Software, Inc.
[56,20] 	Latest version of Swedish PASCAL (V6), submitted
		by Seved Torstendahl.
[56,21] 	DKBLOCK, DXBLOCK for Swedish PASCAL, submitted
		by John Barr.
[56,22] 	Intel 8086 Cross Assembler and linker, written
		in PASCAL, (Use Swedish PASCAL to compile.) submitted
		by Thomas Mathieu.
[56,100]	Self compiling version of Swedish PASCAL (V5.3);
[56,102]	modified to compile itself on a PDP11, by Gerry
[56,103]	Pelletier, of Transport Canada. Also a PASCAL
		version of Joseph Weizenbaum's Eliza ("doctor"),
		and other utilities.
No guarantees are made to the completeness, usability,
or quality of the programs on this tape. The material
has not been checked or reviewed.
Notes: UICs/PPNs are shown in octal; RSTS users should convert
to decimal.
Documentation may or may not be on magnetic media.
Media (Service Charge Code): 2400' Magnetic Tape (PS)  Format: DOS-11

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