11S025       APL-11 for RSX-11M and RSX-11M-PLUS  Version: V. 2.0/2.1
June 1981
Submitted by: Digital Equipment Corporation
Operating System: IAS, RSX-11M V3.2, RSX-11M+ V1.0  Source Language:
MACRO-11  Memory Required: 40K bytes  Keywords: APL, Language
Interpreters, Programming Languages, Structured Languages/Programming
Abstract: APL-11 is an interpreter for the APL language, a
mathematically structured programming language, that
features many functions which operate on arrays of arbitrary
order.  It is used as a general data-processing language as
well as a mathematical tool.  APL can define recursive
procedures that use local variables.  The special APL
character set can be used on a terminal that supports it, or
can be simulated with mnemonic escape sequences on non-APL
terminals.  The user can interact with the APL interpreter
to examine and change variables, alter statements without
recompilation and trace program action.
Release Notes distributed with each order.
Notes: APL-11 for RSX-11 V2.1 has been run in compatibility mode on
the VAX, but
is known to have a problem with terminal I/O coming out double-spaced.
This RSX-11 version of APL-11 has updated sources on it (V2.1).
Documentation available in hardcopy only.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EC), 2400' Magnetic Tape
(PC)  Format: DOS-11

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