11S036       Symposium Tape from the RSX SIG, Spring 1982, Atlanta
Version: Spring 1982
Author: Various
Submitted by: Glenn Everhart, Ph.D., RCA, Cherry Hill, NJ
Operating System: RSX-11D  Source Language: Various  Keywords:
Symposia Tapes - RSX-11, System Management - RSX-11, Utilities -
Abstract: This tape contains the programs submitted by users at
the Spring 1982 Atlanta Symposium. The following is a
very brief description of the programs to be found on
the tape (look for summaries in area 300,1):
. New release of Lawrence Berkeley Labs Software Tools for
. New variable send and receive drive
. New version of DDT
. New version of virtual disk which can span devices
  and/or use multiple files
. Task renaming utilities
. Maze game and several other arcade games
. Utility to generate whole directories in one pass of
  entire BRU tapes
. On-line pool analysis program for RSX-11M+
. New version of SRD (sort utility)
. RSX DECUS C object kit
No guarantees are made as to the completeness,
usability, or quality of the programs on this tape. The
material has not been checked or reviewed.
Documentation may or may not be on magnetic media.
Media (Service Charge Code): 2400' Magnetic Tape (PS)  Format: BRU,

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