11S054       BASIC Business Package  Version: May 1983
Submitted by: Glenn C. Everhart, Ph.D., RCA Corporation, Mt. Holly, NJ
Operating System: IAS, RSX-11D, RSX-11M, VAX/VMS  Source Language:
BASIC, FORTRAN IV-PLUS, MACRO-11  Keywords: Business Applications,
Software Collections
Abstract: This submission contains a grab-bag of utilities for
general use after some mods. Included is Michael Reese
BASIC for RSX (or compatibility mode VMS) from the RSX
SIG tapes, and several utility sets with their own
documentation. Two business packages and a DBMS seed
package in PASCAL from the CP/M User Group are included.
The better of these includes G/L, A/P, A/R, payroll,
etc. Source files are present; binary files pertaining
to CP/M have been generally excluded, though images of
the CP/M floppies are provided. These can be used
directly by those with The Bridge.
The Reese BASIC.MAC files are corrected by the .cmp
files already and should be ready to build. The write-up
with the kit describes where the submissions are.
No guarantees are made as to the completeness,
usability, or quality of the programs on the tape. The
material has not been checked or reviewed.
Notes: CPMUG Vol. 43 is not intact and Bols. 43-45 only include
most sources of Osborn package. Businessmaster II
package is complete.
Restrictions: Some work will be needed to convert CBASIC and MBASIC
dialects to Digital Equipment Corporation BASIC.
Documentation may or may not be on magnetic media. Complete sources
not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): 2400' Magnetic Tape (PC)  Format: RMSBCK
w/ANSI Labels

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