11S058     DECtalk Application Support Library  Version: February 1984
Submitted by: Digital Equipment Corporation
Operating System: P/OS V1.7 with native toolkit, RSTS/E V7.1, UNIX 4.2
BSD., VAX/VMS V3.4  Source Language: BASIC-PLUS, C, COBOL, MACRO-11
Memory Required: Varies  Hardware Required: DECtalk DTC01  Keywords:
Libraries - RSTS/E, Tools - Applications Development
Abstract: The DECtalk support library contains an extensive collection
of subroutines, written in C, that should simplify
application development.  It includes subroutines to carry
out DECtalk specific functions, such as answering the phone,
as well as low-level operating-system specific functions,
such as generating and parsing escape sequences.
Several simple application programs are also provided,
including the DECtalk telephone demonstration program and a
"spoken fortune cookie" program.  There are also sample
programs written in BASIC-PLUS and COBOL for RSTS/E.
All source modules are provided, including several
operating-specific libraries also distributed with C
Language System (DECUS No. 11S018).  The VAX distribution
contains source files and executable code, while the PDP-11
distribution contains only source modules.  UNIX
installations should obtain the PDP-11 distribution and make
their own arrangements for tape file format translation.
Notes: VAX users refer to DECUS No. VS0020.  UNIX users should obtain
No. 11S058.  The documentation presupposes access to the DECtalk
Restrictions: There may be release-specific code for UNIX systems.
PDP-11 and compatibility
mode implies DECUS C, No. 11S018.
Media (Service Charge Code): User's Manual (EC), 600' Magnetic Tape
(MC)  Format: DOS-11

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