11S072     Reese BASIC  Version: September 1986
Submitted by: Frank R. Borger, Michael Reese Medical Center, Chicago,
Operating System: IAS V3.2, RSX-11M, VAX/VMS V4.2  Source Language:
MACRO-11  Hardware Required: FPP or emulator  Keywords: BASIC,
Language Interpreters, Programming Languages
Abstract: Reese BASIC is a highly upgraded version of what used to be
a DECUS library program for DOS.  Following is a brief
summary of highlights:
. Full FILES-11 I/O is supported, (fixed length random
  access, shared mode, etc.).
. String functions and user defined functions are much more
  flexible than in either the original version or in Digital
  Equipment Corporation's BASIC-11.
. Multi-user implementation is supported with separate pure
  and impure areas (IAS and RSX-11D only).
. Since it is an interpreter, it includes the special
  debugging commands: STEP, CON and SET TRACE.
. Although an interpreter, significant manipulation of the
  source program is done to speed up operation.
. OVERLAY and a data preserving CHAIN are also supported.
. A clean "break" feature is implemented via the TT handler.
. A number of BASIC-PLUS-2 like features have been added
  including: virtual arrays, integer and byte variables,
  continued lines and IF-THEN-ELSE.
. The capability of SPAWNING another task is supported.
Release Notes are distributed with each order.
Media (Service Charge Code): 600' Magnetic Tape (MC)  Format: BRU

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