11S079       Symposium Tape from the European RSX SIG, Fall 1984,
Amsterdam  Version: Fall 1984
Author: Various
Submitted by: Jan Sangstad, Geological Survey of Greenland,
Copenhagen, Denmark
Operating System: RSX-11M, RSX-11M-PLUS  Source Language: FORTRAN 77,
MACRO-11, PASCAL  Keywords: Symposia Tapes - RSX-11
Abstract: This is the RSX SIG Symposium Tape from the 1984 European
Symposium in Amsterdam.  The tape contains material
submitted by the user community for the tape at that
The programs on this tape are from user submissions.  The
DECUS staff, the RSX SIG staff, and Digital Equipment
Corporation have no knowledge as to the contents of the
tape.  No warranty of any kind is implied in the
distribution of these tapes.  The programs may or may not
be well documented and they may or may not work.  For any
questions, you may have concerning programs on the tape,
contact the individual authors.
The tape contains about 1500 files in 20600 blocks.  It is
distributed on a 2400' tape in  BRU format.  Directory AE2, 2A
contains the files documenting the contents of the tape.
The following files are present:
BEGIN84.DOC		Abstract file
README.1st		Concatenated README.1ST from the
			whole collection
TAPE.ALL		Table of UICs
BRDREADME.1ST		Information on submission from BRD
No guarantees are made as to the completeness, usability, or
quality of the programs on the tape and the material has not
been checked or reviewed.
Documentation may or may not be on magnetic media.
Media (Service Charge Code): 2400' Magnetic Tape (PS)  Format: BRU

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