11S082       BORT: Best of RT-11  Version: May 1985
Author: Hans Zoeller, University of Frankfurt, Frankfurt, West Germany
Submitted by: Wolfgang Leber, Max-Planck-Institut, Frankfurt, West
Operating System: RT-11  Source Language: BASIC-11, FORTRAN IV,
MACRO-11, TECO  Keywords: Device Handlers, RUNOFF, Software
Collections, TECO, Utilities - RT-11
Abstract: This tape contains a collection of submissions from the
RT-11 SIG tapes from Fall 1979 till Spring 1984 and some
programs from the European RT-11 SIG as well as from the
library of the mikro-elf-SIG, DECUS Munich e. V., West
This tape contains ten packages, which consist each of one or
some single density floppy subdevices.  In total there are
thirty-nine subdevices.
The annotated directory to this tape may be found in file
The packages contained on this tape are:
. General - Utilities, 9 volumes
. Magtape - Utilities, 1 volume
. Language - Utilities, 3 volumes
. Handlers, 1 volume
. Languages, 10 volumes
. Libraries, 4 volumes
. TECO, 3 volumes
. RUNOFF, 4 volumes
. Communication, 2 volumes
. Cross Compiler - Assembler, 2 volumes
No guarantees are made as to the completeness, usability or
quality of the programs on the tape and the material has not
been completely checked or reviewed.
Complete sources not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): 2400' Magnetic Tape (PC)  Format: RT-11,

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