11S083       Symposium Tape from the RT-11 SIG, Spring 1985, New
Orleans  Version: Spring 1985
Author: Various
Submitted by: R. W. Barnard, Sandia National Laboratories,
Albuquerque, NM
Operating System: RT-11 5.0 and later  Source Language: FORTRAN 77,
FORTRAN IV, MACRO-11, PASCAL  Memory Required: (depends on package)
Hardware Required: (depends on package)  Keywords: Compilers, KERMIT,
Symposia Tapes - RT-11, Utilities - RT-11
Abstract: The symposium swap tape from the RT-11 SIG contains
submissions in subdevice format.  The tape includes an
annotated directory TAPE.DIR, and instructions for RT-11 and
RSTS users on recovering files from subdevices.  In
addition, a cross-reference index is now supplied to improve
information retrieval.  The tape contains the following
. Update to the FORTRAN 77/RT OTS to improve virtual
. KERMIT file transfer protocol for RT, RSX, RSTS, and P/OS.
. An update to the Bonner Lab RUNOFF, including recent bug
  fixes since the Fall Symposium.
. Improved version of UCL-PLUS user command linkage program
  to include input filespec recall, and bug fixes since the
  Fall Symposium.
. Cross-assemblers for 6800, 8080, and AIM65 micros, as well
  as 6800 "unassembler".
. Utilities for manipulating directories, including taking
  directories of subdevices without mounting them and a
  utility for finding a file by scanning many disks.
. Incremental backup IND control file, with provision for
  cataloging the backed-up files, and IND control files for
  moving among subdevices using the commands DOWN, UP, OVER,
. Update of a FORTRAN source code statement number
. Dynamic reassignment of terminals under the multi-terminal
. Easily specify user-defined keys on a VT200 terminal.
. GREP, with multi-file searches.
. IMAGE - Image Display Program for the PRO.
. A program for manipulating very large virtual arrays under
. Modula-II Source File Conversions, NBS PASCAL Compiler.
. Contributions from the Fall, 1984 European DECUS RT SIG
  tape, including Monitor Utilities, ASK, a
  FORTRAN-callable enhanced form of the IND.ASK directives,
  FORTRAN IV includes preprocessors, VT100 slide editor,
  providing user-written KED, and many more.
. Contributions from the European "Best of RT" tape,
  including PDP-8/PDP-11 file transfer, subdevice utility
  package, a program to provide command files with the
  ability to be controlled on during execution from the
  keyboard, and an Interprocessor Communications package.
No guarantees are made as to the completeness, useability or
quality of the programs on tape and the material has not
been checked or reviewed.
Restrictions: (specified by submitters)
Media (Service Charge Code): 2400' Magnetic Tape (PS)  Format: RT-11

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