11S089     IAS SIG Library  Version: Library_B
Author: Various
Submitted by: Michael Robitaille, Grumman-CTEC, Inc., McLean, VA
Operating System: IAS, V3.0, 3.1, 3.2  Source Language: FORTRAN 77,
Abstract: This package represents the current state of the IAS SIG
LIBRARY.  It contains a multitude of software programs, help
files, and function libraries submitted by IAS users over
the years.  This library is under continuous management by
the IAS SIG and will be updated as additional programs are
submitted and the existing programs are tested and
evaluated.  "Library_B" contains 2,849 files in 87
directories requiring 45,718 blocks.
Following is a brief summary of highlights:
. SRX - an enhanced IAS version of SRD
. TDS - a suite of Task Dump Services with great utility
  during program development and maintenance
. ATS - a utility for displaying the current active tasks in
  priority order on a VT100
. HLP files for most IAS commands (as of V3.0) and for some
  of the SIG Library
. Several disassemblers and debuggers including BUG, a full
  screen debugger-disassembler for the VT52
. Several games including ADVENTure and MTREK, a
  multi-player Star Trek
. IAS system accounting packages
. GTC - a Get Terminal Characteristics utility and much more
Notes: Developed for IAS, may work for other PDP Operating Systems.
Restrictions: The bulk of the software is untested by the submitter.
Documentation for
some of the programs and utilities are sketchy or absent.  Objects are
supplied when source code exists.  Since some source is in FORTRAN, a
compiler is necessary for those utilities.  All privileged programs
Media (Service Charge Code): 2400' Magnetic Tape (PC)  Format: BRU

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