11S093     Symposium Collection from the RSTS SIG, Spring/Fall 1986,
Dallas and San Francisco  Version: November 1986
Submitted by: Philip Hunt
Operating System: RSTS/E V7 - V9.2  Source Language: BASIC-PLUS,
BASIC-PLUS2, MACRO-11  Keywords: Symposia Tapes - RSTS/E
Abstract: This tape is the combined Spring (Dallas) and Fall (San
Francisco) 1986 DECUS Symposium tapecopy project for the
RSTS SIG.  Some of the items included on this tape are:  a
new copy of CB for RSTS V9 multiple privileges, a dynamic
priority program that actually maps the monitor to function,
new KERMIT, many V9 .COM files to show how things are done,
some disk/tape utilities, a program to dump the symbol
table of a monitor sil, a command line editor that is used
under RSTS V9 and greater similar to VMS, a fast text editor
and others.
The KERMIT, CLE and TED packages are on the tape uncompacted
as well as saved as backup V9 savesets.  The tape consists
of 28,000 blocks of data.
Media (Service Charge Code): 2400' Magnetic Tape (PS)  Format: DOS-11

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