11S096     Reese's Pieces  Version: October 1986
Submitted by: Frank R. Borger, Michael Reese Medical Center, Chicago,
Operating System: IAS V3.2  Source Language: FORTRAN 77, FORTRAN IV,
Abstract: Reese's Pieces is a collection of programs that are used at
Michael Reese mostly as operational aids.  Some are
enhancements or additions to IAS functions, some are RSX-11M
programs updated to operate under IAS, some are just fun.
Following is a brief summary of highlights:
[1,10]  Lots of programs, a catchall account.
[1,12]  The INForm package, updated for version 3.2.
[1,16]  DUPLEX and XMIT, updated for IAS (term
[1,22]  BRU and DSC tape directory pgms, unknown
  tape listers, tape copy programs, our
  on-line ROLLIN image mode disk save pgms.
  smart remark pgms.
[1,26]  Programs to list the external page, software
  used to generate bootstrap roms for non
  standard device addresses.
[1,30]  Programs to help you patch disks, examine
  FCS file structures, show disk activity,
  recover lost files, show file attributes.
[1,31]  Screen based clock, and system display.
[1,32]  An RSX mail program, updated to run on IAS,
  (Uses Reese style login info, but could be
  adopted to regular IAS.)
[1,40]  Program to list current FCB's in use.
[1,2]  MRH HELP, help modified to use multiple help
  files, instead of one large file, so its
  faster.  For a command of AID ZAP, help
  first tries to use ZAP.HLP, then defaults to
[1,6]  Much of the documentation for packages in
  Reese's Pieces errors, aids to process error
  logging reports, and some simple on-line
  diagnostic aids.
[11,13]  Contains the sources to HEL, BYE, etc. that
  were developed to let an MCR based system use
  the protection features of a PDX system.
  Passwords, etc. are in the user profile
  file, with a modified version of the
  protection code.  Also has same login for
  batch.  (Modified task image of pdx is
  included.)  Also includes a catchall task
  that does some one-line DCL style commands,
[1,100]  *.sys Basic programs used to update the
   user profile file.
  *.bas Programs to aid in logging,
   accounting, etc.
  pdsupf.vir  A virgin file, with only SYSTEM
  and SCITERMINAL autostart.dat command file
  for autostarting selected users.  Note that
  we still use an older format of the
  PDSUPF.DAT file.
[351,70] Contains VTL, a VT100 terminal listing
  program, commands like KED, options for
  viewing two files, lots more.
[351,72] VAX style directory command, short version
  with multiple entries per line, full version
  with all file attributes.
[351,73] ECR, Editing MCR.  MCR with command line
  editing, much more.
Media (Service Charge Code): 2400' Magnetic Tape (PC)  Format: BRU

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