11S098       Symposium Collection from the RSX SIG, Spring 1987,
Nashville  Version: 1, August 1987
Author: Various
Submitted by: Glenn C. Everhart, Ph.D.
Operating System: IAS, RSX-11M, RSX-11M-PLUS, VAX/VMS  Source
MACRO-11, VAX FORTRAN  Keywords: Symposia Tapes - RSX-11
Abstract: This is the RSX SIG tape from the Spring 1987 DECUS
Symposium in Nashville.  The tape consists of two parts.
The first is the files submitted to tapecopy in Spring 1987.
These consisted of about 22,000 blocks.  Since there was
room on the tape, the second part was added.  These are
files which appeared on the RSX SIG tapes in the period from
Fall 1977 to Spring 1979 (plus maybe a couple of later items).
The files in this group are selected as those which appear
still useful (frequently in HOLs).  The 1977-1979 tapes were
never available via the DECUS Library, so this material has
generally not been available via regular DECUS channels.
To order the VMS/BACKUP version, order DECUS No. V-SP-65.
Area I:  New Items for Spring 1987
[5,4]		DECUS C updates for I/D space
[5,15]		DECUS C updates for I/D space
[5,16]		DECUS C updates for I/D space
[5,24]		DECUS C updates for I/D space
[307,20]	Gary Maxwell's upgraded virtual disk package
		for M+ VF:
[312,315]	Virtual disk driver for VMS, RSX FOCAL, old
		TECO Doctor, a MAKE program src., program to read
		VMS Backup tapes under un*x, UUCP lookalike PD
		program archives, DISOWN, and an RSX task
		disassembler, submitted by Glenn Everhart.
[312,361]	Public domain UUCP clone sources.  Not
		specifically for RSX but may be possible to
		get working.
[312,371]	Fix to RECALC files for AnalytiCalc - minor
[321,5]		Structured Macro library.  Routines to set
		time on Qbus clock, submitted by William
[337,50]	Jim McGlinchey's Hitchiker's Guide to RSX.
[344,*]		RSX KMSKIT - lots of stuff, submitted by Jim
		Downard, KMS Fusion.
[350,340]	Pipe Driver vx: for task to task comm.
		update to previous driver, (by Dave Healey,
		Utah Power + Light), submitted by Eddy Fey.
[350,124] and
[350,125]	ODS-2 ACP for RSX, (.SLP files only),
		submitted by Dan Eisner.
[351,73]	AUX (keypad cmd language) and ECR (enhanced
		MCR) for IAS; Skeleton IAS handler,
		submitted by F. Borger.
[351,144]	TEM terminal emulator for RSX, submitted by
		Tom Wyant.
[351,145]	Session notes & examples for sessions RX001,
		RX002 on indirect command processor,
		submitted by Tom Wyant.
[356,40]	RSX KERMIT, submitted by Brian Nelson.
[356,41]	VMSTPC tape <-> disk <-> tape utility for
		VMS, submitted by Brian Nelson.
[356,42]	Bitnet servers sources, submitted by Brian
[356,45]	IAS KERMIT-11, submitted by Frank Borger.
[370,352]	CLE, MYMACS.MLB. Cmd line editor, submitted
		by Steven Jobes.
[370,365]	FORTRAN aids and tools, submitted by Richard
		Neitzel, Golden, Colorado.  SST handlers, DL
		driver fix, undeletion, SEARCH, binary file
		compare, more.
AREA II:  Files collected from older RSX SIG tapes and
          related sources (highlights only, not all listed
[264,2]		3D plot package from DECUS Europe
		(Amsterdam) tape, 1981.
[300,17]	FLECS (FORTRAN Language with Extended
		Control Structures) FORTRAN preprocessor.
		Source, doc.
[300,47]	Code to intercept illegal instructions plus
[300,51]	Design spec generators, document
		maintenance system, source code configura-
		tors (for several languages), source code
		managers, the above in DATATRIEVE, plus some
		TECO macros of use, submitted by Dan Curtis.
[301,16]	SSP - Scientific Subroutine Package sources
		for Digital Equipment Corporation FORTRAN
		(but no comments), submitted by Charles
[301,27]	Set of FORTRAN callable matrix subroutines.
[303,1]		Document of how to run giant (100K lines of
		FORTRAN) programs under RSX-11M.
[303,40]	RSX mailbox handler.
[307,22]	Disk disaster recovery tools for ODS-1 disk
[307,26]	SKED project scheduler and resource/milestone
[312,356]	Infinite precision calculator in FORTRAN.
[312,366]	Virtual disk for RSX11D and IAS, submitted
		by Shack Toms.
[321,2]		RATFOR (RATional FORtran) preprocessor for
[321,3]		SUPERMAC structured MACRO-11 assembly macros
		and doc.
[323,2]		CSMP - Continuous Systems Modeling Program,
		models systems of continuously varying
[330,11]	FORTRAN resequencer RESEQ. for F4P programs.
[332,100]	Directory and selective restore from DSC
[334,2]		OBR - Reads .OBJ files, reporting globals
		and global defs.
[334,6]		LIBSEE - Query a library for a module or
		global symbol.
[340,1]		ARC MAIL mail utility (DECnet not needed).
[341,307]	ELIZA (or DOCTOR) program in PL/I with
		objects.  The computerized psychoanalyst.
[342,2]		TECO V36.  The full TECO V36 distribution
		including machine readable manual file.
[344,51]	How to do transient libraries under RSX-11M,
		submitted by Jim Downward.
[346,100]	Ralph Stamerjohn's collection.  ACP manuals,
		virtual disks, loadable XDT, SIG tape index
		of early RSX tapes, CDA workbook, and more.
[355,2]		File structure editing/fixing tools BM,
		Fiddle, VMS like DUMP, execution profiler,
		disk usage summary.
[360,214]	FORTRAN conditional compilation preproces-
		sors for multiple level conditionals.
[364,20]	Binary semaphore directives for RSX-11M plus
[370,70]	Description of FORTRAN OTS.
[370,130]	INDEX - FORTRAN cross reference program.
		Handles lots of analysis, staticcode
		checking, call trees, and much more for PDP-11
[372,4]		SAMSTAT source for statistics package (a
		STAT-11 variant).
[373,3]		FORCE, forces commands to a terminal.
[373,5]		RTR, program to read RSTS/E disks from RSX,
		and program to convert files so read to RSX
		form for input to BP2.
[373,7]		File recoverer - undeletes a freshly deleted
[373,10]	SND - command interface to send/receive
		directives for software debug.
[373,17]	Show what pool is being used for.  Can also
		follow FCB pointers through F11ACP to find file
		control structures.
[373,21]	Block by block comparison of binary files,
		or whole directories full of files.
[373,101]	Macro library covering data conversion, string
		manipulation, sorting.  Help file for your
		help system documents it.  First appearance
		of help libraries as docs for utility
Notes: Most submissions include source: a few do not.  Source code is
present where it
is supplied.  ODS-2 ACP is only difference files to Digital Equipment
Corporation source code.
Complete sources not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): 2400' Magnetic Tape (PS)  Format: BRU
Version 3.2, TK50 Tape Cartridge (TC)  Format: BRU Version 3.2

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