11S107     Symposium Collection from the RSX SIG, Spring 1989, Atlanta
 Version: 1, June 1989
Author: Various
Submitted by: Glenn C. Everhart, Ph.D.
Operating System: IAS, RSX-11M, RSX-11M-PLUS  Source Language: C,
FORTRAN 77, FORTRAN IV, MACRO-11  Keywords: Symposia Tapes - RSX-11
Abstract: This is the RSX SIG Tape from the Spring 1989 DECUS
Symposium in Atlanta.  It is available in either BRU format
or VMS/BACKUP format.  See DECUS No. VS0096 for the
VMS/BACKUP format.
Following is a brief summary of highlights:
[5,*]    Complete DECUS C distribution, updated from
    the one that appeared in Fall 1985, with support
    for I/D space, RMS, and DECnet, and current RSX
    versions.  In addition, a remote file access package
    and a remote execution package are present in [333,*].
    Submitted by the German RSX SIG.
[306,100]  Tape transfer program generic tape handling
    program.  ARGS argument processing code and libraries
    and console I/O.  Submitted by Brad Castalia.
[350,300]  Mailbox driver for RSX11M.  Maintains a set
    of named queues/mailboxes for inter-task communication.
    Does NOT use up pool for message.  Submitted by Paul
[355,221]  Routine that retrieves a list of all tasks
    active at a terminal, and a program that aborts them all,
    excluding CLIs.  Submitted by Mitch Nelson.
[356,40]   KERMIT-11 update.  Complete KERMIT-11 distribution for
    communications with other systems.  Also includes binaries
    for KERMITS for VAX/VMS, IBM PC.  Submitted by Brian Nelson.
Complete sources may or may not be included.
Media (Service Charge Code): 2400' Magnetic Tape (PS)  Format: BRU,
TK50 Tape Cartridge (TC)  Format: BRU

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