11S108     Symposium Collection from the RT-11 SIG, 1988, Australia
Version: 1, March 1989
Author: Various
Operating System: RT-11 V5, TSX-PLUS V6  Source Language: MACRO-11
Keywords: Symposia Tapes - RT-11
Abstract: This is the RT-11 SIG tape from the 1988 DECUS Symposium in
Australia.  The following is a brief summary of highlights:
PHIL     Handful of interesting IND files.  Submitted by Phil
NOTAIL     Anti-tailgating program.  Submitted by Billy
FM     Instructions for building a 1 meg ramdisc out of a
     junked memory board.  Submitted by Andy Stewart.
TRAIN     Copying of all the examples from the RT-11 training
     course onto machine readable media.  Submitted by Elvy
CHESTR     GETDAT, for initializing date and time conveniently
     and with checking for, before, or too long since last
     start-up, and a couple of medical ones for vital capacity
     and gestation calculation.  Submitted by Chester Wilson.
HELP     Upgraded HELP messages for RT & TSX - makes a
     HELP.MLB of 273 blocks.  All sorts of interesting extras
     which save you a lot of hunting through the books.
     Submitted by McClenahan, Heuer, and Wilson.
DUCM     Latest version of this handler for large DUs - mainly for
     TSX-PLUS.  This version copes with a nasty TSX bug OK.
     Allows BYPASS under TSX; internally-queueing to allow
     use of hardware seek optimization; may be mapped under TSX
     to save low memory.  Submitted by Chester Wilson.
TSCLIB     Library for DECUS C, to allow direct interfaces to RT-11
     and TSX EMTs, completion routines, etc.  Submitted by
     Chester Wilson.
HVPLOT     REGIS Terminal or HP plotter adaptation of Roger Caffin's
     graphics package.  Submitted by Roger Caffin.
BERT     Apple Laserwriter adaptation of Roger Caffin's graphics
     package.  Submitted by Chris Bertram.
RNC     Assorted utilities.  Submitted by Roger Caffin.
     .WC      Word, byte, line count, with histogram facility
     .Clean    Command file to tidy discs
     .Maint    Directory maintenance program
            .Detjos   Two corrections for routines
            .Devalc   In TSXLIB
SAVRES     Backup and verify utility, designed with multiple
     buffering to get maximum speed out of tape drives.
     (Format is NOT BUP compatible).
PAS1 thru   NBS PASCAL, tidied up to make it actually useable.
PAS4     Submitted by Earl Chew.
Restrictions: Operating System RT-11 V5 or later is required.
Operating System TSX-PLUS V5
or later is required.
Media (Service Charge Code): 2400' Magnetic Tape (PS)  Format: RT-11,
TK50 Tape Cartridge (TC)  Format: RT-11

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