11S109     Best of RT - RT-11 SIG Tape  Version: Spring 1989
Submitted by: John W. Bedel, Bethesda, MD
Operating System: RT-11, TSX-PLUS  Source Language: FORTRAN 77,
FORTRAN IV, MACRO-11  Keywords: Symposia Tapes - RT-11
Abstract: This package contains a collection of submissions from the
RT-11 SIG tapes from the Spring 1986 Australian Symposium
and the Fall 1984 European Symposium, along with a collection of the
"European Best of RT Tapes".  Following is a brief summary
of highlights:
SPELL Spelling Checker with Dictionary.
UCLPLS User Command Language (UCL) Program.  UCL-PLUS is
 upward-compatible with the UCL distributed with RT-11,
 Version 5.1B and later.  This version is UCL-PLUS V07.55.
F77IND An IND command procedure that simulates all of the
 FORTRAN switches available.
DFIND A utility for searching through an RT-11 structured file
 system and the subdevices on it.
TSXLB TSX Library of FORTRAN Callable routines that implement
 the TSX-PLUS system services which are unique to
 TSX-PLUS.  The library has been updated to include all
 TSX-PLUS unique services through TSX-PLUS V6.2.
INDFIL IND Control Files for Manipulating Subdevices.
 DOWN will mount a subdevice file using the Logical Disk
 handler and assign either the default or a user-selected
 logical name to that device.  UP moves "up" one level of
 subdevice nesting.
TSXUTL A collection of programs for manipulating a TSX-PLUS system.
VIRDSK Virtual-to-Disk Mechanism is a module to force VIRTUAL arrays
 to a disk file rather than extended memory.
CONVRT Routines are FORTRAN-77 callable and provide conversion of BYTE
 (or CHARACTER) strings to and from INTEGER*2 and INTEGER*4
LDMNGR The CD program will mount one or more subdevice files, define
 a logical name pointing to each, and connect (assign DK:) to
 the first one specified.
EMULAT A collection of three pseudo-device handlers for
 RT-11 which will enable programs that require certain
 hardware to be run on PDP-11s that do not have that
UNMAC A FORTRAN program to convert an RT-11 object file into a
 source or listing file.
BASUTL  Add executable modules (subroutines written in MACRO,
 FORTRAN..) in your BASIC 'workspace' for special I/O or speed
 of execution.
ALEDA A FORTRAN package which allows the programmer to gain access
 to devices for interfacing and for user interaction.
RUNOFF Bonner Lab RUNOFF for RT-11.  This version has been modified
 significantly since the last release (Fall 1984).
LDUDK Load VT200 User-Defined Keys provides RT-11 and TSX-
 PLUS users with a convenient method for programming the VT200
 series terminal's keyboard.
UTIL1 A collection of utilities which include a UCL example
 (Funny UCL in German), a UCL featuring parameter
        substitution & expansion of .COM files, a F4 INCLUDE
        statement pre-processor, and the famous GREP utility to
 do multi-file wildcard searches and others.
DTX DOS Tape Exchange Program.  Handles DOS formatted tapes under
COMM1 A VAX-TSX-PLUS communications package that runs at
 high baud rates.
MISC Contains a library of digital filtering routines.  Routines
 for 2-to-3 conversion of binary files to/from ASCII, some BESSEL
 function calculating subroutines, and a random number
F77UTL FORTRAN-77 Utilities, written in FORTRAN-77.
 Includes routines for converting ASCII strings to and from
 single- and double-precision integers, a single-character
 input routine, and several VT100 screen-control and
 formatting routines.
FILUTL Utilities for source file maintenance.  STRIP
 splits source files into comment and source code files.
HEXFIL The program "TOHEX" converts any disk file to a file of
 characters replete with lines and line numbers.
VFY A random-access (disk) verification utility.
WATCH A program which will run as a detached job under
 TSX-PLUS to execute up to 32 command files in a time
 sequential order starting at 00:01 hours.
DATFIT Routines for data anlysis and fitting for equation
 fitting routines, Digital filter routines, and 1st order
 differential equation solvers.
GETRSX Transfer FILES-11 files to RT-11.  Contains an RT-11
 program for reading ODS-1 (RSX) disks.
22BIT Handlers for 22-BIT systems.
MTUTL1 Various magnetic tape utilities which include a
MTUTL2 utility to dump the contents of a magnetic tape to a
 terminal, a high-blocking-density magnetic tape backup
 system, and a program to create a FORTRAN Sequential
 ASCII data file from a magnetic tape file.
EXEC A version of the TSTE terminal emulator program
 which includes Compuserve Information Service (CIS)
 "executive protocol for file transfer between DEC/H11
 computers acting as terminals and the host machines at CIS.
UPDATE A utility program to update a working disk from a
MEMMAP The memory mapper scans PDP-11 memory from address
 zero up.
RTCALC A simple yet quite functional spreadsheet in the
 LOTUS-123 or SATURN type.
CVLLIB A general purpose library for the RT-11 MACRO,
 FORTRAN or C programmer.
DBSMNG Data Base Management Package was developed from a suite
 of modules used to facilitate file I/O and complex data
HANDLR DU Handler for very large disks (larger than
 256 MB) MSCP disks.
MATRIX These are two matrix handling libraries:  MATRIX for
 REAL*4 variables and CMTRIX for COMPLEX*8 variables.
ASK ASKF77 is a set of FORTRAN terminal I/O routines.
MONUTL Handy utilities for checking monitor offsets,
 device tables, and logical assignments.
HANDLR Contains EIS Emulator and Handshake Handlers.
  EIS Emulator is written to emulate the EIS instructions
   MUL, DIV, SOB, ASH, ASHC, SXT, and XOR on a BIS machine.
 HS is a handshaking serial line handler which allows
 convenient file transfer between the two machines running
 under RT-11 version 3B or later, and whose protocol is so
 simple that a complementary serial I/O handler may be written
 easily for other operating systems.
INCL A FORTRAN/RT pre-processor to simulate an INCLUDE
RMQ Interprocessor communications, and other stuff.  Operates much
 like IND, in that it allows comments and operator decisions
 to be interspersed with KMON commands.
SUP Subsystem Utility Program to create and maintain
 subsystem files.
Restrictions: If there are any, they will be specified in each
individual program's
Complete sources may or may not be included.
Media (Service Charge Code): 2400' Magnetic Tape (PS)  Format: RT-11,
TK50 Tape Cartridge (TC)  Format: RT-11

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