11S110     Symposium Collection from the RSX SIG, Fall 1989, Anaheim
Version: 1, January 1990
Author: Various
Submitted by: Glenn C. Everhart, Ph.D.
Operating System: IAS, RSX-11M, RSX-11M-PLUS  Source Language: FORTRAN
IV, MACRO-11  Keywords: Symposia Tapes - RSX-11
Abstract: This is the RSX SIG Tape from the Fall 1989 DECUS Symposium
in Anaheim.  It is available in either BRU format or
VMS/BACKUP format.  See DECUS No. VS0111 for the VMS/BACKUP
Following is a brief summary of highlights:
[265,001] MCE V4.22, the much beloved EDT-style RSX
  Command line editor.  EFN, a utility to
  set/reset/show global, group-global and local
  event flags of all tasks; RCV, a utility to
  show and/or delete SEND/RECEIVE and
  a utility to send data and send data by reference
  to a specified task; VSEN, a variable send data
  utility for RSX-11M systems, and VRECEVE, the receive
  version.  Plus a compilation of all RSX-11M
  sysgen symbols.  Submitted by Hans Hamakers.
[266,001] SEARCH searches for a string in one or more
  files.  STRAP removes the comment sections from
  MACRO-11 source listings to speed-up the assembly
  process; especially useful when re-assembling large
  programs.  Submitted by Peter Vergeer.
[267,001] BRUDIR is an improved version of the well known BRUDIR
  on the Spring 1986 tape.  LCU is a utility to locate
  the users of a common area.  TPC is an enhanced
  version of the TPC tape-to-tape utility present on
  each SIG tape.  Submitted by Erik Beumer.
[300,001] General description of tape contents.
[300,002] BIGTPC and VMSTPC and other utilities for
  tape copy of these tapes.
[300,003] Updated index of most RSX SIG tapes between
  1979 and this one.  Starting point was the index
  prepared by Annamaria Szentgali of the German RSX
  SIG which appeared on the European 1984 RSX SIG tape.
  Submitted to the European distribution by Jan Belgraver.
[356,040] KERMIT-11 update (V3.60).  Complete KERMIT-11 distribution
  for communications with other systems.  Also includes
  binaries for KERMITS for VAX/VMS, IBM PC.  Submitted
  by Brian Nelson.
[373,100] MAP allows examining mapping information for
  a file, useful for checking disk fragmentation.  SWATCH
  is a stopwatch to time execution of command lines.
  Submitted by Adrian Bottoms.
[374,100-117] Cargill Utility library for PASCAL, including invoking
  directives from PASCAL, a string handling package, and
  format conversion routines.  Submitted by Jim Bostwick.
[374,121] Multi-Tasker Runoff sources.  Submitted by
  Bruce Mitchell, Jim McGlinchey, and Jim Bostwick.
[374,122] Cache tape driver, adds caching to tape drives not
  internally buffered.  Submitted by Dave Mischler.
[374,123] BRUDIR in Macro.  Directory listing of BRU tapes.
  Fixes problems with named directories and large numbers
  of files and with octal versions.  Submitted by Dave
[374,124] RSX-11M-PLUS Symbolic Debugger.  Submitted
  by Dave Mischler.
Complete sources may or may not be included.
Media (Service Charge Code): 2400' Magnetic Tape (PS)  Format: BRU,
TK50 Tape Cartridge (TC)  Format: BRU

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