11S112     Symposium Collection from the RSX SIG, Spring 1990, New
Orleans  Version: 1, June 1990
Author: Various
Submitted by: Glenn C. Everhart,Ph.D.
Operating System: IAS, RSX-11M, RSX-11M-PLUS  Source Language: C,
Tapes - RSX-11
Abstract: This is the RSX SIG Tape from the Spring 1990 DECUS
Symposium in New Orleans.  Following is a brief summary of
[265,001] MCE V4.23, the much beloved EDT-style RSX
  Commandline editor.  Submitted by Jim
[300,001] General description of tape contents.
[300,002] BIGTPC and VMSTPC and other utilities
  for tape copy of these tapes.
[343,040] GREP V2.00, utility to search for text
  patterns in files and print filenames and
  lines containing the text.  Speed greatly
  enhanced and with new features.  Submitted by
  Bruce Mitchell.
[351,144] TEM - Terminal Emulator for RSX V90.012.
  Does terminal emulation and character
  mapping, and ASCII file transfer in
  either direction.  Submitted by Tom Wyant.
[374,100] Cargill AMI message router; implements
  variable send over DECnet.  Submitted
  by Jim Bostwick.
[374,101] DECnet interface routines for PASCAL
  to do intertask communication.
  Submitted by Jim Bostwick.
[374,102] Message router message interface.
  With [374,100] and [374,101], extends
  variable send data directives across
  DECnet.  Submitted by Jim Bostwick.
[374,124] Symbolic debugger for RSX-11M-PLUS.
  Also able to examine (non overlaid)
  tasks symbolically on disk.  Submitted by
  Dave Mischler.
Complete sources may or may not be included.
Media (Service Charge Code): 600' Magnetic Tape (MS)  Format: BRU,
TK50 Tape Cartridge (TC)  Format: BRU

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