PRO102      BFGUSER  Version: V1.2, May 1985
Submitted by: Jack Wenrick, BFGoodrich R&D, Breckville, OH
Operating System: P/OS V2.0  Source Language: FORTRAN 77, PRO/BASIC
Software Required: PRO/BASIC for BASIC programs  Hardware Required:
LA50 or LA100 for hardcopy of plots, LVP16 plotter, hard disk required
for PROPLOT  Keywords: Graphics, RUNOFF, Text Formatting
Abstract: This diskette contains software for the PRO-350 developed at
BF Goodrich R&D.
[USERFILES] 	This directory contains several programs written in
		PRO/BASIC.  All of these programs will run on any PRO-325
		or 350 which has PRO/BASIC.
USELA50 	A menu driven printing program which allows
		selection of vertical and horizontal pitch and other
		attributes on the LA50 printer and print documents or data
MERGEFILES 	A program to merge two or more files together.
AMORTIZE 	Calculates amortized loan schedule based on the
		amount borrowed, interest rate, and number of payments.
MOLWT 		Calculates molecular weight from a molecular formula
		and weight percent of each of the atoms.
TYPRINT 	Prints directly to LA50 from keyboard.
TEXTMOD 	Finds character strings in a BASIC program and can
		do substitution for all occurences of the string, list lines
		that contain the string, and list line numbers that contain
		the string.
[PROPLOT]	This is a data graphing and polynomial curve
and [PROPLC]	fitting program.  It is written in FORTRAN and was run
		through the PRO/Toolkit to create the Native version.
		It can fit up to six curves per set of axes to a 1 to 5th
		degree polynomial and selecting linear or Log scales for the
		X and Y axis.  Monochrome and color monitor versions provided.
[ZZRNO] 	This is a PRO version of BONNER Labs RUNOFF, the best
		version of RUNOFF I have used.
[DTR] 		This directory contains a PRO/DATATRIEVE initialization
		file to declare Global definitions in DATATRIEVE to allow
		control of printer (LA50 or LA100) and screen attributes.
Release notes distributed with each order.
Media (Service Charge Code): Two RX50 Diskettes (JB)  Format: FILES-11

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