PRO111      TECO V36 for RT-11, for the Professional-300 Series
Version: December 1983
Author: Andrew Goldstein, Mark Barnhall and Ian Calhaem
Submitted by: Ian Calhaem, Ph.D., Dept. of Scientific and Indus.
Research, Wellington, New Zealand
Operating System: RT-11 V5.1 (see restrictions)  Source Language:
MACRO-11  Memory Required: 16KW  Keywords: Editors, Professional-300
Series - RT-11, TECO
Abstract: TECO is a powerful text editor that runs under most
RT-11 operating systems. It is suitable for editing
almost any form of text file including programs,
manuscripts, correspondence, and the like. TECO is a
character oriented editor, and as such is free from many
of the inconveniences associated with many line oriented
editors. In addition, TECO has most of the facilties
found in a programming language, such as arithmetic
loops, conditional execution, GOTO's etc., allowing the
user to write editing programs to alphabetize lists,
reformat tables, renumber statement labels, and much,
much more.
This version of TECO includes support for PRO-300 Series
terminals, which do not respond to the usual tests for
VT100 type terminals in ANSII mode. It will therefore
run under RT-11 version 5.1 or later.
Notes: From RT-11 version 5.1 or later TECO is not supplied
with RT-11 distribution. It can only be obtained through
Assoc. Documentation: To obtain the TECO manual see DECUS No. 11-450.
Restrictions: .OBJ files are provided and the sources of the terminal
driver module are
provided, so the user can configure TECO for special use.
Command files are provided to assemble both a background
and a virtual (system job) version of TECO.  PRO support requires V5.1
Complete sources not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX50 Diskette (JA)  Format: RT-11

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