PRO112      RENUM: FORTRAN Renumbering Program, for the
Professional-300 Series  Version: V4.01, December 1983
Author: Eric Morton
Submitted by: Ian Calhaem, Ph.D., Dept. of Scientific and Indus.
Research, Wellington, New Zealand
Operating System: RT-11 V5.1  Source Language: FORTRAN-IV-PLUS
Keywords: Professional-300 Series - RT-11, Tools - Applications
Abstract: RENUM is intended to provide two useful services for the
FORTRAN programmer:
. Replace the existing statement number in a FORTRAN
  program with a new (an equivalent) series of sequential
  statement numbers.
. Produce a cross-referenced table of all variable
  names used in the source code showing the line numbers
  where all references to each variable name occur.
The line number used for cross-referencing agree with
those on a compiler-generated listing. Either or both of
these services, along with a listing of the source code,
can be produced; the two functions are completely
independent. Control is by means of terminal-entered
command strings following the standard RT-11 rules.
Input files (up to six per command line) can be on any
disk device, and output files can be directed to any
device. When renumbering, a new disk file (by the
original name) is created for the renumbered source
code, and the original file is changed to .OLD. RENUM
version 4 adds several new useful features including;
the ability to specify the starting new statement
numbers and the increment between new statement numbers;
a reformatted source listing; flagging the range of DO
loops; and improved variable name scanning, especially
in logical IF statements.
Restrictions: PRO support requires V5.1 or later.
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX50 Diskette (JA)  Format: RT-11

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