PRO117      GRASP: Graphics Applications Processor  Version: V1.9,
January 1984
Submitted by: Mark Anacker, General Telephone Co. NW, Inc., Everett,
Operating System: P/OS V1.5 or V1.7  Source Language: PRO/BASIC
Memory Required: 128KB  Software Required: PRO/BASIC  Keywords:
Abstract: GRASP is a graphics editor for the Professional-300
Series of personal computers designed to produce
drawings and other graphical images. It has extensive
2-D image manipulation capabilities, and may be expanded
to process data from other programs. GRASP currently
consists of four programs written in PRO/BASIC and may
be used without any additional hardware.
Restrictions: Works best with extended graphics option.
Media (Service Charge Code): Write-Up and Listing (DA), One RX50
Diskette (JA)  Format: FILES-11

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