PRO121     Real-Time Interface Support for the Nicolet Explorer via
RS232 for the Professional-300 Series  Version: March 1984
Submitted by: Digital Equipment Corporation
Operating System: P/OS V1.7  Source Language: BASIC-PLUS2  Memory
Required: 512KB  Software Required: No other run-time software
required. Modification requires Pro Toolkit, Toolkit BASIC-PLUS2, Pro
Real-Time Interface Library.  Hardware Required: PC3XX-AA (Pro
Real-Time Interface). Nicolet Model 2090-III Oscilloscope with 2082
interface, external cabling.  Keywords: Graphics, Interface Routines,
Nicolet Explorer
Abstract: This package permits the Pro-350 user to control,
receive data from, and send data to the Nicolet Explorer
Model 2090 Oscilloscope using an RS232 port on the Pro
Real-Time Interface board. The application program also
includes the capability of graphing the data, sorting
and retrieving from disk files, and performing a simple
FFT and graphing the real component, imaginary
component, or power spectrum of the transformed data.
The program, written as a demonstration of the Pro-350
real-time interface, is entirely menu-driven, with
ease-of-use being a primary goal.
Restrictions: The target system must be P/OS V1.7 because of real-time
interface library dependency.
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX50 Diskette (JA)  Format: FILES-11

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