PRO123      BASIC, PASCAL, PortaCalc, KERMIT and a Desk Top Calendar
Version: V4, July 1985
Submitted by: Glenn C. Everhart, Ph.D.
Operating System: P/OS  Source Language: C, FORTRAN 77, FORTRAN
IV-PLUS, MACRO-11, PASCAL and others  Software Required: None
(Compilers, etc., are useful only if one has the PRO Toolkit since
that has the linker)  Keywords: BASIC, KERMIT, PASCAL, PortaCalc,
Abstract: These diskettes contain a grab bag of several RSX-11 tools
off old RSX-11 SIG tapes, converted to RX50 format for the
Digital Equipment Corporation Professional-350 under P/OS
V1.7 or later (Maybe earlier too; no way to test that).
The following are provided:
PortaCalc 		The most powerful spreadsheet available.
			This version is compatible with the VAX/VMS version
			and does essentially everything you ever wanted your
			spreadsheet to do.  The tutorial file is supplied, and
			an install file is there too, in case you want to run
			it from a menu.
DTC 			A good desktop calendar facility for handling your
			calendar on the PRO.  Full screen day/week/month/year
			displays, appointment selection, meeting scheduling,
RSX BASIC 		The Michael Reese BASIC, a full language dialect
			similar to BASIC-PLUS.
Swedish PASCAL 		The latest "Swedish PASCAL" compiler (updated for the
			new RSX	versions) for the PRO.  It is a full language
			compiler and OTS.  This program is useful for those
			who have the PRO Toolkit so they can build programs
			in PASCAL.
PRO Kermit V1 		A full featured communications package with host
			versions in the public domain available for
			practically any host or other Micro you ever heard of,
			and many you haven't.  This package allows full VT102
			emulation, file	transfer, logging and much more and
			makes it totally unnecessary for you to buy anybody's
			communications packages.  Includes the hexify and
			dehexify tools, making it possible to send even files
			with weird rms attributes around and rebuild the
There are install command files for BASIC, DTC, PortaCalc,
and KERMIT.  The PASCAL kit is to be run from the PRO
Toolkit, so is not installable from a menu.  The others can
run under the PRO Toolkit too; it is not necessary to go
through the menu, except maybe for KERMIT, which is heavily
into PRO menus.
Notes: Complete documentation and sources were not included to
reduce the number of floppies.  Documentation and sources for
most of the programs in this package can be found with DECUS
Program Numbers: 11-SP-18, 11-SP-47, 11-SP-60, 11-SP-67, and 11-346.
Some of the documentation for these programs is not available in
but rather is included on the respective magnetic media.
Restrictions: BASIC requires upper case text only.
Documentation may or may not be on magnetic media. Complete sources
not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): Five RX50 Diskettes (JE)  Format:

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