PRO124     C Language System with Native Toolkit  Version: November
Author: David Conroy, Robert Denny, Charles Forsythe, Clifford Geshke
and Martin Minow
Submitted by: Martin Minow
Operating System: P/OS V1.8  Source Language: C, MACRO-11  Keywords:
Programming Languages
Abstract: "C" is a general purpose programming language well
suited for professional usage. This "C" distribution
contains a subset of the DECUS "C" programming
system which includes:
. A compiler for the "C" language. The entire language
  is supported except for an emulated (software) floating
  point, macros with arguments, bit fields, and
. A common runtime library ('standard I/O library') for
  "C" programs running under the RSX-11 or RT-11
  operating systems. By using this library, "C"
  programs may be developed on one operating system for
  eventual use on another.
. An RSX-11/M extensions library allowing access to all
  RSX-11M executive services.
Notes: For sources and documentation manuals see DECUS No.
Restrictions: This submission contains neither documentation nor
sources for the compiler or Run-Time Library. The
tools are not provided.  Some functions for
accessing P/OS menus are provided.
Documentation may or may not be on magnetic media. Sources not
Media (Service Charge Code): Three RX50 Diskettes (JC)  Format:

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