PRO126      User Command Linkage-Plus for RT-11 and TSX-PLUS on the
PRO  Version: V07.54a, May 1986
Submitted by: William K. Walker, Monsanto Research Corporation,
Miamisburg, OH
Operating System: RT-11 V5.4, TSX-PLUS V6.1  Source Language: MACRO-11
Memory Required: Non-XM-10079W; XM-478W low mem; 10240W ext mem.
Keywords: Professional-300 Series - RT-11, Utilities - RT-11
Abstract: UCL+ is a user command linkage program for use with
RT-11 V5 or later, RTEM V2.0 or later and TSX-PLUS V4.1
or later monitors.  It allows the dynamic, on-line
definition of user commands and contains full support for the
user command related features of these operating systems.
These include:
. UCL - User Command Linkage (RT-11, RTEM, and TSX-PLUS)
. UCI - User Command Interpreter (TSX-PLUS, starting with
. UCF - User Commands First (RT-11, starting with V5.2)
UCL+ contains a number of extensions to the distributed
RT-11 and TSX-PLUS UCL programs.  Among these are:
. Optional chaining to additional "UCL's".
. A user-definable "run-by-name path" which extends the
  monitor's "run-from-SY:" default.
. The capability to STORE/RECALL the program settings to/from
  a separate file in either "binary" or "journal" mode.
  Journal files can be edited.
. A PASS_ON command that allows you to force UCL+ to
  "pass-on" a given command string to the next program in
  the chain (the default mode) or to a program that you
. DISPLAY of symbol expansions with or without execution.
  The DISPLAY command can also be used to ouput ASCII
  strings to the console or printer (handy for sneaky escape
. Several useful "hard-wired" commands, including a
  DCL-style RNO command for use with the DECUS RUNOFF
. Provision for accepting lower-case input and most control
. A "quoting" facility which overrides the effect of
  "operator" characters.
. Support for more complex command definitions by allowing
  the parsing of argument strings into as many as nine
. A CI "handleroid" which controls and displays the action
  of the various RT-11 Command Language Interpreters.
. A special version of UCL+ for the XM monitor.  Almost the
  entire program is continuously resident in a global region
  in extended memory.  It is very fast, and uses less than
  512 (decimal) words of low memory.
The distribution also includes the source text and
instructions necessary to create an on-line HELP facility
for UCL+.
Notes: Operating system, RT-11 or TSX-PLUS that runs on the PRO is
Changes and Improvements: Support has been added for the new RT-11
features introduced with V5.2 such
as UCF (User Commands First) and the individual enabling/disabling of
line interpreters.  The more recent versions of TSX-PLUS are supported
Other new features include a memory-resident version of UCL+ for
memory environments and more complex parsing of argument strings.
Restrictions: The CI handler included in this package runs under RT-11
V5.2 or later
monitors only.  The extended memory version of UCL+ requires an RT-11
or TSX-PLUS V6.0 or later monitor.
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX50 Diskette (JA)  Format: RT-11

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