PRO127     BBASE: A Small Database Program  Version: V1.1, November
Submitted by: Randy Jordan, Black & Veatch, Overland Park, KS
Operating System: P/OS V1.7 and later, VAX/VMS V3.0 and later  Source
Language: BASIC 1.1 and later, BASIC-PLUS, BASIC-PLUS2, VAX-11 BASIC
Memory Required: 18KB  Software Required: BASIC  Keywords: Data Base
Abstract: This program is a small database program designed to
store and retrieve information of a relatively simple
nature. Facilities to manage this information are MENU
oriented and for the most part self-explanatory.
There is ENTER DATA, UPDATE DATA (to change or modify),
DELETE A RECORD (to delete a RECORD), SEARCH (to find a
specific RECORD), PRINT a REPORT (to the default
(prints the REPORT to the SCREEN), LIST ALL DATA
(displays all DATA in the file with RECORD and FIELD
numbers), SORT (a general purpose SORT of the FILE by
FIELD name), and EXIT (to quit).
This program is designed to work on relatively small
data. The maximum number of RECORDS is 1000 with a
maximum number of FIELDS being 20. This can be increased
depending upon available disk/diskette storage space.
The program was written with the beginning user in mind,
and performs the same on VAX/VMS, PDP-11 RSX-11M, or
Pro-350 P/OS.
The program produces and works from two (2) files;
Filename.BBS  A sequential file containing FILE
Filename.BBD  A VIRTUAL file containing the actual
The filename is a filename that you provide.
The program can also produce a sequential file report;
(filename.DOC) which can contain data in the selected
REPORT format.
Release notes distributed with each order.
Notes: P/OS version includes the PROSE editor.
Restrictions: Maximum records is 1000, maximum fields is 20.
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX50 Diskette (JA)  Format: FILES-11

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Tim Shoppa <>
Created: December 26, 1998