PRO133      Astronomical Ephemerides  Version: V3.3, January 1987
Submitted by: Jean Francois Paillard, Societe Astronomique de France,
Levis-Saint-Nom, France F78320
Operating System: P/OS V2  Source Language: FORTRAN 77, MACRO-11
Memory Required: 1200 disk blocks  Hardware Required: Optional LA50
printer  Keywords: Scientific Applications
Abstract: This program uses new original theories constructed at
des Longitudes, Paris.  It is fitted to the new 1984
fundamental system, with standard epoch J2000.0, reference
catalog FK5 and time scale Terrestrial Dynamical Time.
The ephemerides of the sun and planets are calculated from
analytical theory VSOP82 (Variations Seculaires des Orbites
Planetaires) by P. Bretagnon and the motion of the Moon is
computed from theory ELP-2000, J & M Chapront.  Error on
coordinates due to truncatures are less than plus/minus 0"5
for planets and plus/minus 0"1 for the sun.
The new version, using assembler for planetary subprograms,
with an efficient subroutine for simultaneous computation of
sinus/cosinus, is much faster (45s instead of 1m45s for main
computation) and more compact.  It is enhanced with accurate
coordinates and graphs of the Galilean Satellites of Jupiter
(Sampson' theory, improved by Lieske, constants by J.-E.
Arlot), plus approximates coordinates and graphs for 8
Satellites of Saturn.  It is easy to run this version from
the PRO/Tool Kit, using XASTRO.CMD.
A wide choice of planetary coordinates, rectangular and
spherical is available together with upper transit, rising
and setting times, plus data for physical observation.
Listing of bright selected stars and screen maps of the sky,
centered on chosen azimuths, are completed by graphic charts
on an LA50 printer.
Some sources and documentation, including a useful library
ASTRO.OLB, are included on the diskettes.
Notes: Some sources are included; the remainder are available from the
Changes and Improvements: Much faster, more compact, more data and
Complete sources not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): Two RX50 Diskettes (JB)  Format: FILES-11

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