PRO138     Airplane Lander for the Professional - 300 Series  Version:
V1, May 1985
Submitted by: Glenn C. Everhart, Ph.D.
Operating System: P/OS  Source Language: FORTRAN IV  Keywords: Games
Abstract: This program is an airplane landing simulation game.  It
provides a pseudo-graphic display of an aircraft instrument
panel with real time updates at one second intervals.  The
program simulates a real instrument landing approach from an
altitude of 25000 feet to the runway, with instructions from
ground radar control.  Aircraft climbs, dives and stalls are
properly simulated.  An off airport landing as well as
go-around for a missed approach are both possible.
Source code is supplied for both VT100 compatible and VT52
compatible terminals, and command files are supplied to
enable versions to be produced for background, foreground and
system job.
Restrictions: Needs tailoring to change systems dependent calls to
Tools for doing so are supplied.
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX50 Diskette (JA)  Format: FILES-11

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