PRO140      CGS: Common Graphics System for the Professional - 300
Series  Version: V2.0, January 1987
Submitted by: John F. Davis, Los Alamos, NM
Operating System: RT-11 V5.1  Source Language: FORTRAN IV, MACRO-11
Memory Required: Application dependent  Software Required: FORTRAN,
MACRO, RUNOFF (to generate documentation)  Keywords: Graphics,
Libraries - RT-11, Professional-300 Series - RT-11
Abstract: The Common Graphics System (CGS) is a library of FORTRAN
callable subroutines that provide general purpose 2-D
graphics primitives across a variety of mainframe computers.
RT CGS supports the same set of user-visible primitives on
all PDP-11 systems under RT-11.
The RT CGS library features loadable output device drivers,
including a metafile driver.  A tested user-written plotter
driver is furnished as an example.  The original RATFOR
source for a Tektronix driver is also provided, but it has
not been adapted for the PDP-11.
The metafile format is now fully documented.  (This is of
interest only to advanced application programmers.)
Translator utility examples are provided to plot metafiles
on the PRO screen or plotter.
A RATFOR definitions file, RATDEF.RFR, is now included.
This file was needed only for reprocessing the original
RATFOR code of the metafile translator utilities.
Except for RATFOR.SAV, all *.SAV files have been omitted.
Documentation for the library is contained in RUNOFF files.
Source files are provided for the entire set of libraries,
utilities, and demonstration programs.  Precompiled and
preassembled object modules are provided.  Command
procedures for re-linking are furnished.
(Maintenance and upgrade documentation exists only in the
form of the original VMS RATFOR and MACRO files from which
RT CGS was adapted for the PRO-300 series.  Anyone wishing
to customize RT CGS may contact the submitter.)
Notes: Will also run on Micro PDP-11, running RT-11 V5.1.
Changes and Improvements: Loadable and/or user-written device drivers.
 Missing documentation and
RATFOR include file now supplied.
Restrictions: 2-D primitives only.
Media (Service Charge Code): Two RX50 Diskettes (JB)  Format: RT-11

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