PRO144     Exam Score Record Package  Version: V1.0, June 1985
Submitted by: Dan W. Schlitt, Lincoln, NE
Operating System: PRO/VENIX  Source Language: C  Software Required:
The UNIX utilities AWK, sed, sort, and fgrep.  PRO/VENIX graphics
programs hist and pscreen are useful.  Keywords: Educational
Abstract: The Exam Score Record Package is a suite of programs which
can be used to create and maintain an exam score record file.
Programs are included to generate grade distributions and
summary reports.  The programs are mostly Bourn shell
scripts.  The work of the programs is done by three C
programs and by sed, fgrep, sort, and AWK.  The exam score
record file is in a form which can be used by AWK to generate
custom reports.  Programs are included that use PRO/VENIX
graphics programs to display data.
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX50 Diskette (JA)  Format: TAR

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