PRO148     KERMIT for P/OS  Version: 2.23
Submitted by: Joerg Buechner
Operating System: P/OS  Source Language: MACRO-11  Keywords: Data
Communications, KERMIT, Utilities - P/OS
Abstract: This package is complete with sources.  No modifications
have been made in the program code.  Only .CMD- and
.ODL-files have been changed to build KERMIT on P/OS.  This
version is command driven running at DCL-level with
on-line help.
Notes: The maximum record length for ASCII text files to transfer is
160 bytes.  This
version of KERMIT has been tested only with SEND and RECEIVE in a
computer to computer link.  This version of KERMIT has been
with an ATARI ST, running GEM ATARI/ST KERMIT (Bernhard Nebel) and
successful with an IBM XT, running KERMIT-MS V2.27.
Changes and Improvements: Complete sources included.
Media (Service Charge Code): Two RX50 Diskettes (JB)  Format: FILES-11

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Tim Shoppa <>
Created: December 26, 1998