PRO153     LISSA2 - A Painting Game  Version: V2.0, December 1985
Submitted by: R. J. Wilden, Philips GmbH Forschungslab.Aachen,
Postfach 1980, West-Germany 51 Aachen
Operating System: P/OS V1.7A or later  Source Language: FORTRAN 77
Memory Required: 5MB  Software Required: Native Tool Kit  Hardware
Required: Color Monitor plus Bit Map  Keywords: Games
Abstract: LISSA2 computes and draws the points for a 'double'
Lissajous-Figure.  The layout of the resulting picture
depends on eight input parameters which must be selected by
the user.  The name LISSA2 is derived from the well known
Lissajous-Figures on which the task's main algorithm is
A typical set of start-parameters for the task LISSA2 is
given as default values.  To see the surprising amount of
different looking pictures, you have to change the eight
input parameters.  The input parameters of good-looking
pictures can be saved in a logfile.  A sample logfile is
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX50 Diskette (JA)  Format: FILES-11

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