PRO155      RT Programs for PRO  Version: April 1987
Submitted by: C. E. Chew
Operating System: RT-11 V5.02  Source Language: MACRO-11, NBS PASCAL
Software Required: NBS PASCAL required to recompile some programs if
customization is needed.  Keywords: Device Handlers, Spell, Text
Formatting, Utilities - RT-11
Abstract: This is a potpourri of programs written for RT-11 V5.1 or
later (except where noted) on a PRO.  The following have
been provided:
PL		A pipeline handler which functions in much
		the same way as MQ: except that no special
		.LOOKUP requests are needed.
CI		A console interface which allows one job to
		'type' input to another.
MENU		A suite of rather crude menu control
TYPO		A typographical error checker written in NBS
MORE		A file perusal utility written in NBS
OTHER		A program which determines which drive (0 or
		1) RT is booted from and assigns logical
		names to it (SYS) and the other drive (DK
		and DSK).
WP		A program utilizing all the above to allow
		the creation of a cheap but effective text
		formatting system using KED and RUNOFF (you
		have to provide your own KED and RUNOFF).
DZCOPY		Program to make a sector by sector image of
		a foreign disk by using the DZ controller
		hardware.  Has been used to read IBM
		format 5.25 inch disks.
XHANDL		An alternative overlay handler which can
		force large root segments and large overlay
		tables into extended memory.  Moved code to
		allow for .module code.
PRTSCR		A screen dump utility.  It can be customized
		for non-Digital Equipment Corporation
		printers, requires less low memory than the
		SPOOL utility, and can dump in text or
		graphics mode, but requires V5.02.
Note that some programs may require a little experience with
RT and MACRO to customize, but should be fairly easy to put
Changes and Improvements: Bug fix to XHANDL.
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX50 Diskette (JA)  Format: RT-11

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