PRO157      NBS PASCAL  Version: June 1986
Submitted by: Earl Chew
Operating System: RT-11 V5.1, V5.2  Source Language: PASCAL  Memory
Required: 512KB  Keywords: Compilers, PASCAL
Abstract: A much modified version of the NBS PASCAL compiler V1.6i is
provided.  This is basically a runtime distribution only,
the aim being to provide an executable PASCAL compiler on
one floppy.  A fuller kit should be available soon on 8"
This kit provides PRO/RT users with a PASCAL compiler.
Documentation is included which details the changes made to
the original.  A string handling package is included as well
as a program demonstrating its usage.  A cross referencer
and a profiler are also included.
Changes and Improvements: Bug fixes
Restrictions: Compiler sources not included.
Complete sources not included.
Media (Service Charge Code): One RX50 Diskette (JA)  Format: RT-11

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